With over 10 years of experience as an editor, makeup artist, skin therapist, and blogger, Christina Marrale is one of the most key-influencers in the beauty industry today. Her diverse experience has allowed her to better understand her audience, what their needs are, and what type of content needs to be produced to keep them engaged — all while building a trusting relationship that has them tuning in for more.

Christina delivers a refreshing perspective, educating women with an encouraging voice. From a simple lipstick application to uncovering the next big trend, her delivery of information is easy to understand, upbeat, and always on the mark.

As an editor, Christina's developed strong, lasting relationships with the most elite names in the beauty industry — consulting for many in regards to brand development, consumer trends, and the future of the beauty industry.

Christina currently travels the country, appearing on local morning shows, delivering the latest trends and beauty basics. She also freelances for publications, contributing her know-how and unique tips, in addition to maintaing her blog. Christina has appeared on-camera with the following media outlets: MSN, Modelinia, BiteSize TV, Mevio, Ehow, the CW, and CBS. She's also contributed to the following publications: WorldLifestyle, HeavenSalon, She Finds, and The Weekly Sauce.  

Christina is available for brand representation, spokesperson opportunities, hosting, media tours, SMT's, consulting, and more. Please send all inquiries to: christina@beautyqueenblog.com.