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Why Beauty Chat? Retail sales consultants are restricted — with the information they can share and how much time they're able to spend on you. And the internet is no better, as it's over-saturated with information and conflicting opinions. It's no wonder we're having these issues, we simply just don't know where to turn for trusted, easy-to-understand beauty information!

A Better Way to Connect on All Things Beauty:  Your own personal beauty concierge — customizing your routine, taking the guesswork out and giving you the necessary tools to look wonderful (and feel it, too).

What Do We Chat About? Your beauty concerns, of course! Unlike other consultations, there's no structured packages, only limiting our discussion. Need a quick lesson on that smokey eye before heading out for the evening? Done! Craving a new skincare regimen? Let's find you one! It's about catering to your beauty needs — no sponsors, no promotions — just an UN-biased conversation about beauty.

How it's Done: All services are provided through video chat. Email consultations and web chat are also available. Please specify if you would prefer these options instead

Receive Your Prescription: All clients receive a personalized "prescription" within 24 hours of each Beauty Chat, including product recommendations and an overview of what had been discussed during your session.

Christina Marrale has worked in the beauty industry for over a decade as a certified Makeup Artist, Skin Therapist, Beauty Editor and Expert. She's committed to helping thousands of men and women through the country master their routine, gain confidence and take the guesswork out of the confusing world of cosmetics. 

Christina delivers a refreshing perspective, educating with an encouraging  voice. From a simple lipstick application to uncovering the next big trend, her delivery of information is easy to understand, upbeat, and always on the mark.

When she's not consulting, you can find Christina on your TV screen. She's a regular contributor on QVC, Today, MSN and more. Find out more about her appearances here