The Do's & Don'ts of: Foundation


Do Allow Formula's to Oxidize When Testing: Years ago when I worked in retail, foundation was a regularly returned item — and 90% of the time, it was due to an incorrect color match. I'd often hear "It looked great in the store, but by the time I got home the color was totally off."

Always allow foundation to sit on the skin for a minimum of 5-10 minutes before buying. This gives the formulation time to oxidize, react with your skin, and allow the true tones to come through.

Don't Just Use Any Primer: Facial oils are rising in popularity (it seems every tutorial I watch, the person is slathering it all over their face before foundation). And while I'm completely on board with them in terms of skincare, using oil as a primer is a bit of a grey area.

Oils are not a one-type-fits-all type thing — in skincare and as a primer. Oil and water do not mix,  therefore, if you are opting for an oil-based primer (whether it be a face oil or a primer specifically formulated with oil) it simply won't react well with a water-based foundation. Same rule applies with a silicon-based foundation.

So, what actually will work for you? Stick to this simple rule: Silicone-based foundations react well with silicone-based primers. Water-based foundations work perfectly with water-based primers and so on. Follow this and I promise you, you'll have a better experience with length of wear.

Do Stay Away From Trends: When it comes to foundation, a timeless look is always best. Ignore social media trends — focus on your skin, what your goals are in terms of foundation and makeup preferences. When in doubt, remember that foundation should wear like a second skin.

Don't Color Match your Face The goal is to always avoid a line of demarcation — which can be spotted around the neck, décolletage and ears. A great rule of thumb is to swatch a potential foundation on the lower part of the neck (where the neck and chest meet), given that area is typically a few shades darker than your face.

Do Identify Your Skin Needs: The greatest thing about foundation in 2017 is the amount of options you have when shopping. Formulations are now geared towards skin issues, types, textures and a wide variety of tones. For me, I have 3-4 foundations in regular rotation that suite my preferences and scenarios in which I'm wearing them for.

Don't forget to Exfoliate: Want the perfect canvas for makeup? Try incorporating exfoliation into your routine in order to achieve that smooth, natural look that we all so desperately desire. If you're unsure of how to exfoliate or what type you should be doing, book a Beauty Chat!

Do Opt for Buildable Coverage: As a makeup artist, I can't recommend buildable foundation enough. Preferences change on the daily, as does skin — some days we want (and need) more coverage and others we don't. Many times, there's areas of the face that need a bit more product than others are well, so why commit so a full-coverage foundation if it's not what you may need? Buildable coverage allows for flexibility and gives you the most bang for your buck.