Now Treating: Tech Neck (yep, it's a thing)


Poor diet, sun exposure, environmental damage — there's a million different ways to cause premature aging. And guess what? We can now add another to that list: Tech Neck. Yep, constant use of our cellphones and tablets (which force us all to position our heads downward) is now a thing and if you're a frequent user like myself, it's nearly impossible to avoid.

The rise in concern got me thinking about small, effective solutions that could help:

Change your Position: Make an effort to be mindful of your positioning. I realized that when I'd lay in bed checking emails in the morning, that's when my neck would be completely scrunched up. My wrinkles formed in the exact place where the folds of my neck were while doing this. Not good. A few extra pillows for back support made all the difference.

Start Treating: Keep in mind that the products you use for your face may not be suitable for the neck area. The neck on our skin is different — it's thinner and has less oil glands than our face. So, you'll need products that are hydrating and loaded with anti-aging superstars like Vitamin C and collagen. (I've linked a few favorites below).

Get to Toning: Exercise helps. And when done regularly, it can strengthen the muscles surrounding the neck. While it won't reverse your wrinkles, it'll help prevent injury (I definitely get kinks in the neck from constant phone use) and tighten up the skin, creating a more sculpted look.