I am in a complete hair rut. For the past few years, my go-to style has been a soft beach wave/curl and I cannot tell you how sick I am of seeing it on myself. Sure, they're easy to achieve, always look great on-air and hold well in my thick-textured mane, but it's time to move on once and for all.

I combed through Pinterest recently in search of styles I could envision myself wearing (or more importantly, actually taking the time to do) and found several great options. So, if you're suffering in the hair department like myself, hopefully these 5 ideas will inspire.

1. Piecey texture: This is a great compromise for those that want texture and movement to hair, but want to avoid curls. I love the "cool girl" vibe it gives off.

2. An Update on the French Twist: Clean, chic, and classic, you can't go wrong with this.

3. High Pony: I've always been a fan of the high pony. It's a great way to get the hair off of your face and keep the skin taught if need be. The addition of a gold band gives it a more current feel.

4. The Simple Pony: Raise your hand if you remember rocking this style as a kid 🙋. Effortless and on trend, it's the perfect style for any sort of scene.

5. The Low Braid: This may be a bit too ambitious for me (I am a bit challenged in the braiding department) but gorgeous nonetheless. A great option for date night or drinks with friends.