Quick Tip: Make the Most Out of your Sheet Mask

image via  Pinterest

image via Pinterest

2015 was definitely the year of the sheet mask, and I for one could not love this quick and effective skincare trend any more. Sure, I terrify my husband every time I wear one (you think he'd be used to the madness by now), but the results are so worth it.

With that said, one of my only complaints were how wasteful these masks can be. If you've never purchased them before, they're typically sold in pouches and pre-soaked with serum. Once the mask is applied, there tends to be A LOT of serum left at the bottom of the packaging. Here's a thought - instead of tossing it, opt to save that skincare gold instead.

Depending on the packaging, I prefer to either fold and throw a paper clip on it to prevent the serum from drying or transfer it to a small, sample size container. Apply the serum wherever you may need the pick-me-up (just be sure to use within one to two weeks of opening for optimal results).

Since I am not down with the idea of using a sheet mask when traveling, this has been the ultimate solution for me. I can mask on a plane in a subtle way, without scarring the people sitting next to me (I like to reserve the horror for my husband only).