Why You Should Be Trying LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is popping up everywhere lately — partially thanks to Instagram and the odd-looking masks that some of your favorite celebs are seen rocking #sometimesbeautyaintpretty.

My first experience with the therapy was about 7 years ago, when I began prepping my skin for my wedding. My facialist explained that LED Light Therapy had the power to banish my blemishes, boost elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. No products needed, just light. It's safe to say I was hooked — and even happier when I recently realized I can do the treatment in the comfort in my own home (after years of having to book an appointment for it).

What are LED Lights: 

LED stands for Light-emitting Diode, which is a light source that that emits infrared light when activated. The process is non invasive and free of harmful UV rays.

Why It's Beneficial:

LED works by sending energy-producing beams of light into the deeper layers of the skin, energizing cells and stimulating a healing response. This encourages the repair and regeneration of cells. The at-home versions are of course less potent than professional lights, so don't panic when the instructions say to place the device directly onto skin.

What's the Difference Between Colors?

Red Light: Improve the skin’s barrier function and enhance the skin’s ability to generate new collagen, helping to reduce wrinkles, rosacea, and broken veins. Perfect for someone who wants to focus on anti-aging or repairing some damage that has already begun to show on the skin.

Blue light: Destroys acne-causing bacteria. A great choice for the acne-prone person who may want an alternative treatment or is simply looking to for a boost in their acne-fighting regimen.

There are several other colors, such as purple, green, infrared etc but the two most common are listed above.

What Tools to Use:

Backed by an impressive 12 week clinical trial, I knew the Truth Vitality Lux Renew would be the perfect tool for me. Quasar MD, LightStim and Deesse are a few other highly rated options.

What I love about Truth Vitality Lux Renew is the ultrasound option (in addition to the red and blue light). Ultrasound waves absorb into skin, prompting the vibration of the surrounding tissues, (particularly those that contain collagen) improving elasticity and firmness. It's an odd feeling at first, but you can definitely see results.

I've only been using the device for 3.5 weeks, but have seen a significant reduction in acne and a more youthful complexion, overall.  It's simple to use and I find works best when using regularly (I do it 3-4x a week). Check out my Snapchat (beautyqueenCM) if you want to see the device in action - I rave about it on there pretty regularly, ha!