Green your Routine: Lash Serum's


I've dabbled in using lash growth serums for years. The operative word here being "Dabbled." They came in handy when I was getting married and wanted the extra boost, were the perfect alternative to wrecking my lashes with extensions (and helped regrow them during the times I gave into having them). But it was always one of those products where I felt uneasy about the ingredients. After experiencing far too side effects, I gave up lash growth serums for good earlier this year. 

Finally, A Natural Alternative:

The timing was nearly too good to be true — a week after I swore off growth serums, I received an email from Plume. A company that had created a lash and brow enhancing serum promising longer, thicker, fuller lashes with a more natural approach. What caught my attention was the companies Founder found herself in a similar position — wanting long lashes without the harmful side effects that many clinical lash growth serums. She partnered up with a leading cosmetic chemist and their vision came to life.

The Ingredient List is Impressive:

A combination of ingredients like aloe vera, honey and castor to condition and provide moisture. To watercress and Indian cress to stimulate new hair growth and produce keratin. Everything about the serum is natural and free of many harmful side effects.

So, Does it Work?

I've been using the serum for 3 months now (I'm literally on my last few drops!) and I can't say enough good things about it. My eyes aren't irritated in the least bit and my brows/lashes are definitely fuller and longer. I dropped the ball on taking a before picture, but you can see my results in any of my recent social media posts. The verdict? A major thumbs up for Plume, they've got a customer for life.