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We know water is incredibly good for your health, and that it carries several beauty benefits (have you seen the article Daily Mail posted? Woah), but are you doing everything you can to drink enough during the day? I know I wasn't.

In fact, many years ago I barely drank any. I'd go through an entire workday without a sip — opting for juices instead. The only time I truly did turn to water was to quench my thirst (out of pure necessity) at spin class (yikes)! It was a slow start, but I've learned to love guzzling water through the day. And since it's a resolution many aim to set for themselves in the new year, I thought I'd share my favorite way of enjoying it: spa water.

What I love about spa water is the endless amount of combinations you can create. Feeling uninspired? Go on Pinterest, there's nearly thousands of great recipes to try.

1. Purchase a durable, glass water bottle (or BPA free) and a nice, large pitcher to keep in your fridge. I love the ones sold at CB2 — they're modern, lightweight and not too costly.

2. Cut up some of your favorite fruit (I'm partial to a fresh mint/nectarine combo), wash it and place at the bottom of your pitcher.

3. Toss in your water and let sit in the fridge for about an hour. Continue to refill your pitcher through the day (leave the fruit - no need to keep adding in new, just be sure to pitch it or eat by end of day).

I aim to drink half of my body weight in ounces — which is where the water bottle comes in handy, as I can track exactly how many I've filled it up through the day.