Drinkable Collagen - A Total Gimmick or Are We Onto Something?

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While attending a beauty convention a few years back, a vendor handed me a beverage that was filled with "drinkable collagen." Intrigued (and never one to back down to a beauty challenge), I took one sip and nearly gagged. "Never again" I thought, "It can't be done!"

Fast forward to present day, I'm literally writing this article as I sip my morning smoothie that's filled with—wait for it—collagen. I had finally been converted, but it took a tasteless, odorless powder that dissolves in any drink to do so. And guess what? I'm totally addicted.

The Idea of Drinkable Collagen Makes Sense: Collagen breaks down for a variety of different reasons — environmental factors, age, stress, poor diet etc. But once it's gone, it's difficult to rebuild. Our diets aren't very rich in it to begin with and our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own. So, we've got to look to replenish it in other ways. In skincare, sure, but by diet as well. That's where Vital Proteins comes in.

So, How Was I Converted? In all honesty, my curiosity was peeked when I started seeing people on Instagram mix the powder seamlessly into their coffee, smoothies and glasses of water. I got a sample when shopping at my local Whole Foods and tried it for myself. No gagging, no weird flavor — there wasn't a trace of it once it was mixed into my smoothie. Seemed promising, but I really wasn't sold on it until weeks later when I saw what it was doing to my skin. Everything skin-wise just seemed "plumper" which at 32, I'm all for. I also just felt better. My recovery in-between workouts improved and during workouts, my usual nagging knee pain wasn't as prominent.

Have you tried any type of drinkable collagen? Curious to hear your thoughts. PS - I should mention this isn't sponsored or a paid ad. I genuinely love the product and what's it's doing for me. Definitely give it a try!