Essential Oils, Worth the Hype?


I had a yoga teacher once who would end the class by patting a few drops of an essential oil into our open palms. We'd inhale the scent — usually something uplifting like a citrus — bow our heads and get on with our day. I always loved the ritual, but never came to appreciate what the oil was actually doing for me.

Then I began to take notice on social media, when I started seeing friends post about their essential oil obsessions. With some claiming it cleared their skin, improved their immunity, replaced their beloved perfume collections and much much more. I ordered a starter kit from Young Living and decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about (because let's face it, with so many people selling things on social media these days, it can be difficult to decipher if those opinions are genuine or totally bogus). Safe to say I'm now totally obsessed. Like, purchased a travel diffuser so I can never be without, obsessed.

I'm always on a mission to try and clean up my routine. Our exposure to harmful, unnecessary chemicals is daunting. They're everywhere. As are the studies coming out about certain chemicals linked to specific diseases/disorders (just google, you'll fall down a rabbit hole).

I love beauty, but the industry doesn't offer a ton of high performing, chemical-free options, so I try to find balance in other areas of my routine. I've now replaced my home cleaner, detergent, dryer sheets, room scent sprays, candles — the list goes on — with all essential oil-based products (and I'm really, genuinely loving it). I've even added a few oils into my skincare routine and am amazed at how something so simple can have such a powerful effect in tackling acne, pigmentation and aging.

If you're on the fence about it, do some research and try a few oils. Just make sure they're of high quality. I'm into Young Living because as a consumer, I liked the idea of their "seed to seal" guarantee. It coincides well with my buying motto: "Buy it once, buy it right."

Have you tried out any oils before? If so, what are you using them for? I'm learning so many useful tips and tricks from other users so please feel free to share here or catch me via Twitter/Instagram at @CMMarrale. PS - I buy them from my girl @OilyBetch, she's a great resource.